Application of spark key rolling technology

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Application of spline rolling technology

cold extrusion machine tools are widely used in the production line of auto parts. For quite a long time, there has been no important technological innovation in the tooth rubbing machine. The rolling length of the die and the limited movement space of the tooth rubbing machine restrict the use of the tooth rubbing machine, especially when processing large-diameter workpieces and hollow workpieces, this shortcoming of the tooth rubbing machine is particularly prominent. The spline rolling machine rollrapid newly developed by German badduben cold extrusion machinery company effectively gets rid of these constraints and opens up a new field for the application of tooth rubbing technology

the changes of auto parts, which are developing in the direction of forming technology, are concentrated in small volume, light weight, the application of new materials and the improvement of production process. Due to the difficulty of operation and the limitation of replacement time requirements, the existing thread rolling plate and tooth rolling technology of the toothing machine can only meet the requirements of part of its forming process

badduben's scientific research experts have been committed to this research. Based on years of experience in using the spline rolling mill rollex with round rollers as the mold, they have developed a new spline cold rolling machine rollrapid using the rack principle. The core of this innovative equipment is the newly developed PRFs reciprocating forming rolling system

spline rolling is an incremental forming process, and the required shape is generated by the workpiece rolling in the middle of the opposite moving die. The flow of material is the structure of the mold on the workpiece

feeding is the main factor that determines the forming process, that is, the cut in amount of the die each time it contacts the workpiece, that is, the increase of the material being squeezed. When using the previous gear rubbing machine, the whole forming process is realized by constantly "changing" spline shape on a fixed length rack. At this time, the feed rate is directly related to the length of the die. This fact exposes the limitations of the previous gear rubbing machine, because the realizable rack specification (length) forms a direct contradiction with the feed required by many workpieces

realize the size correction through the control program

realize the infinite rolling length by using the fixed length rack through the joint action between the change of the die position of CNC numerical control and the reciprocity of the movement direction, which is the working principle of ballrapid, a new spline rolling workpiece forming machine tool. Compared with the previous machine tools based on the complex tooth shaped segmented die directly corresponding to the workpiece, the feed rate of PRFs reciprocating forming rolling system is no longer determined by the geometry of the die

prfs reciprocating forming rolling system has the following advantages: through the simple operation of the menu in the machine tool control program, the size can be corrected quickly in the production process; Through the targeted influence on the rolling feed, the processing of hollow workpiece that can not be achieved by rack rolling in the past is realized; Especially when rolling the shape of deep teeth, the rack can realize symmetrical tooth shape like the round roller by virtue of the freely programmable feed direction of the die

in addition to many technological know-how, the firm and stable bed also plays a decisive role in ensuring the repetition accuracy of the product. Therefore, the rollrapid spline rolling machine body is designed with a solid and closed frame structure, which eliminates the upward bending deformation of one side and the cumbersome compensation work caused thereby. The traditional era of using cushion blocks and thin iron sheets has passed. In addition, the deflectable rolling module can also be used to roll conical splines

humanized operating system is still the core

in the design of qb/t 2358 ⑼ 8 plastic film packaging bag heat sealing strength experimental method machine tool, like other equipment in baduben, profiroll numerical control system is still a landmark part. On the one hand, it controls the whole production process; On the other hand, the graphical operation interface provides a simple man-machine dialogue. For a long time, it has been one of the 16 major science and technology projects in China, and the process parameter screen has been continuously developed and improved. The import quantity of extruders this year has increased year-on-year except March. The episodic function provides an important basis for analyzing the processing process, so that the relevant process parameters mastered in the production process, such as pressure and torque, can be used to optimize the rolling process

an important criterion for judging machine tools is the required replacement time. On the currently used spline rolling equipment, the time required to change the mold and program from the processing of one product to the processing of another spline product is often more than 3H. Rollrapid of spline rolling mill is the same as rollex of spline rolling mill with round roller. Its electronic gear alignment system, rapid die replacement system and computer-supported document management system responsible for all production procedures and workpiece procedures have shortened the replacement time from hours to minutes. It takes only 15 minutes to replace ordinary dies and procedures on rollrapid. Self lubricating bearing

a successful solution

when using the gear rubbing machine to process straight teeth, oblique teeth and other shapes without cutting chips, it will be limited by the length of the rack. When using PRFs reciprocating forming and rolling system, rollrapid has the function of "infinite length" rack, which opens up a new application space for this efficient machine system

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