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Food packaging will be simplified. Customers will choose plain packaging for their own use. The packaging of moon cakes will be simplified, and the use of plastic shopping bags will be gradually reduced... A few days ago, Xu Zuxin, director of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, said that in the next three years, the packaging of cosmetics, health products, food, etc. will also be moderately simplified, and star rated hotels will gradually reduce or cancel the provision of free disposable products

it is reported that in the second round of three-year action plan for environmental protection, Shanghai supermarket stores have fully completed the pilot work of implementing the plastic bag charging system and promoting the simplification of packaging. The Municipal Economic Commission conducted a pilot project in Dia supermarket, charging for shopping bags in all 115 stores, and the total use of plastic shopping bags decreased by about 15%

five industry associations including Shanghai sugar food industry professional association jointly completed the Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes, with a total of 57 enterprises participating, accounting for more than 80% of the total moon cakes in the city. The original dazzling luxurious packaging of moon cakes has gradually "returned to simplicity", simple and lively. Xu Zuxin said that in the third weighing method, the trial production of low iron aluminum was officially kicked off according to the three-round environmental protection three-year action plan based on the weight change of the sample before and after the experiment. In the plan, the provisions to control the excessive packaging of goods will be extended to cosmetics, health products, food and other industries

it is reported that in 2005, the Standardization Committee of the national flavor and Fragrance Association and Shanghai Jiahua company have jointly formulated the detailed rules for the implementation of the Interim Provisions on appropriate packaging in the cosmetics industry (Draft) by flame retardant pc+abs (engineering plastic alloy) baybrand, and they are formulating the implementation rules of industry self-discipline according to the principles of appropriate protection function, appropriate materials, appropriate volume and capacity, and reasonable cost

in addition, in the next three years, hotel tenants may see less and less disposable toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps, bath liquids, slippers and combs commonly known as "six small pieces". Relevant departments will promote the reduction of disposable supplies in the hotel service industry, and encourage star rated hotels to take various measures to gradually reduce or cancel free supplies, which truly solves the long-standing problems of 3D printing customers and provides disposable supplies

it is not "one size fits all" to control the excessive packaging of goods. Shanghai will encourage manufacturers of cosmetics and health products to produce products with two different packaging: products specially designed for delivery can be appropriately packaged, while those used by consumers themselves should try to simplify the packaging

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