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Food paper packaging must meet the "green packaging" standard

nowadays, green consumption has gradually entered people's daily life. There are more and more kinds of green food on the market, and the demand for lithium copper foil for grain is at least 10kg/vehicle, vegetables, fruits, milk, beverages, etc., almost all inclusive. Unfortunately, many green foods have no corresponding "green packaging"

for a long time, the packaging of green food has been very nonstandard. The main cost lies in its longevity. There is no special technical standard, but it just complies with the general national food labeling standard. As a result, the packaging of many green foods can not meet the general standards, and even use some toxic and harmful materials for packaging. Nowadays, there are many phenomena of paper packaging in green food, such as carton milk, etc. Whitened paper is widely used for food packaging. Most of the whitened paper is treated with fluorescent brighteners. Although it can bleach fiber, it has a great toxic effect on people. Many green foods are packed with color wrapping paper. Although the color ink is printed on one side and on the outside of the food wrapping paper, the printed color paper is bundled and stacked together. The non printing surface of each wrapping paper will contact the ink, which is easy to cause food pollution. There are also many high-grade food bags that use tin foil, but the lead content in more than half of the tin foil exceeds the hygienic allowable index, which is undoubtedly unqualified and unsafe packaging. In addition, plastic bags or boxes are commonly used in green food, such as grain, vegetables, cakes, yuanxiao, etc. In order to improve the performance of some plastics, some plastic packaging manufacturers have added plasticizers and antioxidants, which are often toxic. If the recycled products of waste recycled plastics are used in food packaging, it is more difficult to ensure the non-toxic nature of plastic packaging

green food refers to a kind of pollution-free, safe, high-quality and nutritious food, such as steel and plastic, recognized by specialized agencies. There are many standards for green food, one of which is that the packaging, storage and transportation of products must comply with the green food packaging and storage and transportation standards. Various lubricants and modifiers are added to improve the performance of brake pad composite organic materials. Just think, if the products are green and up to standard, but the packaging is not "green" and up to standard, will green food still be green? Therefore, green food must be "green packaging"

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