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Food parchment industry standard

1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, "test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage of food parchment

this standard is applicable to the inner packaging paper for food, drugs and disinfection materials, as well as other packaging paper that needs oil impermeability and water resistance because of the inevitable indication error. 2 the reference standard

gb 450 paper and board samples are taken

gb 451.1 paper and board size and deflection determination method

gb 451.2 paper and board quantitative determination method

gb 451.3 paper and board thickness determination method

gb 453 paper and board tensile strength determination method (constant speed loading method)

GB 454 determination of bursting resistance of paper

GB 457 determination of folding resistance of paper

GB 462 determination of moisture in paper and board

GB 1541 determination of dust in paper and board

GB 1545.2 paper Determination of pH of water extract from paperboard and pulp

gb 2828 batch by batch inspection, counting, sampling procedures and sampling tables

gb 3561 hygienic inspection methods for food packaging paper

gb 10342 packaging and marking of paper

gb 10739 standard atmosphere for sample processing and testing of pulp, paper and paperboard

3 product classification

3.1 food parchment is divided into web paper and paperboard

3.2 according to user requirements, it can be processed with glycerin and produce food parchment of various colors

4 technical requirements and test methods

4.1 the technical indicators of food parchment shall comply with the provisions of Table 1

4.2 according to the contract, the deviation shall not exceed ± 3mm, and the deflection shall not exceed 3mm

4.3 the cutting edge of the paper should be neat

4.4 the fiber structure of the paper should be uniform and conform to the paper sample specified in the order contract

4.5 the paper surface should be flat and free of wrinkles, sand, holes, hard blocks and serious wrinkles, stripes and dirty stains

table 1

index name unit regulations test method a grade B grade C grade quantitative g/m260.0 ± 3.0 45.0 ± 2.5gb451.2 average fracture length is not less than mgb453 burst resistance dry not less than wet kpagb454 folding resistance dry not less than wet gb457 oil permeability not more than/100cm24 appendix a water extract pH7.0 ± 1.0gb1545.2 arsenic content not more than%0.00015gb3561 lead content not more than%0.002 dust degree 0.2mm2 ~ 5, balancing machine (including field balancing instrument); 1.5mm2 not more than 1.5mm2/100cmgb1541 shall be free of moisture%6.0 ± 1.0gb462

4.6 one of the following conditions shall be listed as a second-class product, but not more than two items at the same time

a. the fracture length is less than 10% of the specified value

b. the folding resistance is less than 10% of the specified value

c. the burst resistance is less than 10% of the specified value

d. the dust degree is within 20% of the specified value

e. people with appearance paper diseases that do not affect the use

5 inspection rules

5.1 the quantity of one delivery is a batch, but not more than 30t

5.2 the manufacturer shall ensure that the food parchment produced meets the requirements of this standard, and each piece of paper shall be delivered with a certificate of conformity

5.3 the sampling inspection of product delivery inspection shall be carried out according to the provisions of GB 2828, and the sample unit is "piece" or "drum"

5.4 samples shall be taken according to the provisions of GB 450

5.5 the treatment of the sample and the standard atmosphere of the sample shall be carried out according to the provisions of GB 1073 through their own words and deeds 9

5.6 the qualified quality level (AQL) is calculated according to the rate of unqualified products, and the counting sampling scheme is specified in Table 2

5.7 if the demander has any objection to the quality, he shall notify the supplier to jointly sample and inspect the batch of products within three months after arrival. If the inspection results do not meet the requirements of this standard, the batch is judged to be unqualified and the supplier is responsible for handling it; If the inspection results meet the requirements of this standard, it will be judged as qualified in batch, and the demander will be responsible for handling it

table 2

sampling plan batch (piece or reel) normal inspection secondary sampling plan inspection level I unqualified classification sample size class B unqualified product AQL = 4.0ac rec unqualified product aql=6.5a CRA unqualified class B unqualified class C unqualified 1 ~ 2530303 arsenic content lead content aql=0 fracture length &nbs

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