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Food packaging "micro" turned to meet market demand

with the prevalence of social media such as microblogging, micro media has far exceeded some individuals and groups, and began to promote the innovation of information exchange and interpersonal communication forms in the whole society, thus really affecting all aspects of market consumption and enterprise production. In this context, people have higher and higher requirements for products in the micro era, and traditional food has become increasingly difficult to attract new forces in the consumer market. Recently, many manufacturers have begun to make a fuss on product packaging, constantly miniaturizing to meet the needs of consumers. The survey shows that this market is currently growing significantly, but how the market response remains to be verified, but at least it can be said that it has injected a fresh wind into the development of the food packaging industry

micro transformation is very popular

just as e-mail and communication are moving closer, the food industry is also turning to micro, and micro packaging is becoming popular. Now, many snack foods are in fashion. Make enough micro articles on the packaging. The size of micro biscuits and micro cakes is only half or even smaller than that of traditional products. As long as 5 pieces of micro potato chips can become a package. In addition, there are micro candies, micro drinks and so on. Industry insiders said that such exquisite cutting products are easier to meet the new needs of enterprises to highlight brand personality and meet consumers' picky eating

not only is the packaging of candy food exquisite, but the size of cake products such as waffles and small cakes is also gradually becoming smaller. It used to take twoorthree mouthfuls to finish one, but now the packaging can be eaten one by one, which is more convenient. Some consumers said so. The field survey also found that many weighing small cakes and cakes have obviously slimmed down, and the number of cakes under the same gram has increased, because they are charged by gram, and there is no big fluctuation in the price. For example, the size of waffles is only half of that before, and so is gongshao

insiders believe that small size, good collection and relatively cheap price are the reasons why small drinks are popular at home and abroad. Generally speaking, beverage enterprises will choose three kinds of packaging: large, medium and small, and three kinds of materials: bottle box, plastic, and cans to promote beverage products. Now, all enterprises that focus on 200 ml beverages are relatively rare, so they are more likely to be different. Facts have also proved that compact packaging can better meet the leisure consumption needs of some consumers. Not only that, small packaging can also be more fashionable and interesting, which is easy to be welcomed by customers

the future of micro packaging is still uncertain

although there is demand in the market and the product chain is becoming fuller and fuller, it is hard to say whether consumers can really accept micro packaged food. Some people in the food industry admitted that from the current market performance, although micro packaged food does have its forward-looking market expected demand, the snack food with 100g or larger packaging is still the best seller. On the road of exploring micro packaging, enterprises must not easily give up the original large packaging market, but can combine the two, that is, increase the proportion of single products and small packaging products in the original large packaging

it should be noted that in order to catch up with the progress of the traditional market structure project, the change of food demand will not be one-sided soon, but will be a long gradual process. In this process, the market will be continuously subdivided, whether it is the product supply of the enterprise or the market. 2. Price: the daily demand that price is one of the major factors considered by the purchaser will show more possibilities. Of course, enterprises that plan for the future when market demand germinates will be more likely to seize new opportunities, which are considered to be more responsive in the field of e-commerce

industry experts pointed out that from the current online sales situation, the combined sales of micro packaged snack foods are in good condition. Some international fashionable snack foods sold through online platforms are also leveraging the domestic market through exquisite small packaging, such as dividing the original strip-shaped wafer into three, which is more suitable for eating, etc. It can be seen that this kind of leisure food taking the delicate route has a higher positioning than similar products, so it is more likely to have online marketing

overall, the overall global economic situation is not clear. Affected by the lipstick effect, when people can't load a certain load and can't go up to buy other bulk products to get satisfaction, they will prefer to buy some consumer goods such as snack foods with high positioning, so as to improve the happiness index. Therefore, whether food packaging can play with micro innovation is not only expected, but also needs to be further observed

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