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Picking new products for food packaging (III)

SiOx is a layer of silicon oxide plated on pet, PA, PP and other substrates. This coating has high barrier, high microwave permeability and transparency. It can be used for food soft packaging such as high-temperature cooking and microwave processing, and can also be made into packaging containers for beverages and edible oils. SiOx coating cost is high, and the large-scale production technology is not perfect, but because of its special advantages, it will become an important packaging material in this century

VI. anti counterfeit packaging

Sichuan Haodong High Tech Co., Ltd. recently successfully developed a novel anti-counterfeit packaging film. The advantage of this anti-counterfeiting packaging film is that it is colorless and transparent, and will not affect the patterns on the packaging bags, cartons, iron boxes and glass bottles of goods. Under the illumination, the laser holographic patterns and words that cannot be imitated can be obviously displayed. If it is used in the automatic packaging production line of commodities, the overall anti-counterfeiting effect of commodities will be more ideal. This novel anti-counterfeiting packaging film is a colorless plastic film with a thickness of microns. On the film, there is a metal plate specially made by laser holography, on which 1:tpu foaming particles are pressed to print concave convex indentation patterns and words of different depths, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric figures, with a strong sense of three-dimensional and clear layers. The concave convex indentation depth is generally 0 Microns

VII. Warning packaging

this kind of packaging can remind people whether the food is spoiled. The packaging bag is composed of three separation layers: the inner layer is a porous seepage layer, which is in direct contact with food. If the food is infected with some bacteria that can cause disease, these bacteria can pass through the porous seepage layer and reach the middle layer. The middle layer contains a nutritious gel, and bacteria can react with an antibody in the gel to change the color. Then the bacteria will enter the outermost layer, interact with another antibody on its surface, and spread out in the shape of X, so that the eater can find that the food has gone bad

Rooney, an Australian packaging materials expert, has developed a new type of electronic warning packaging. When perishable food is heated at high temperature, and its quality can no longer be guaranteed, the sensor strip on the packaging will change color, and the electronic chip will give an alarm. Electronic packaging technology can also help food exporters who lack fresh-keeping Jinan Shijin Experimental Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of experimental machines. Manufacturers can track and monitor the temperature changes of food transported overseas through satellites, so that their products can be safely exported abroad

VIII. Hot and cold packaging

self heating or self cooling cans produced by Japanese food manufacturers are mainly used for the packaging of coffee, thick soup, rice porridge, noodles, sausage, rice wine and beverages, and have been mass produced and put on the market. This kind of can is made of composite plastic or aluminum, with food or beverage in the upper part and heating or cooling device at the bottom. Its heating is achieved by mixing water with quicklime to produce heat; Refrigeration is obtained by the chemical reaction between water and ammonium nitrate or ammonium chloride

IX. heat resistant packaging

a Japanese plastic company recently developed a new type of heat-resistant plastic packaging material for packaging fast food, with a deformation temperature of more than 280 ℃. When this material is used to hold Fang Ru's instant noodles with a pneumatic fixture, the packaging box will not deform after being washed into boiling water, and the flavor of fast food can be completely maintained. Two Japanese companies have jointly developed a packaging bag that can be used for cooking. This bag has two layers, the outer layer is nylon with strong heat resistance, the inner layer is polyethylene film, and the bag is also printed with a water level line that discharges water according to the meter. When using, just put the rice into the bag, add water to the corresponding water level, and then put the bag into the pot to cook for 20 minutes. This kind of packaging is very suitable for field use

X. heat shrinkable packaging

this kind of heat shrinkable packaging popular abroad uses a kind of plastic film with heat shrinkable performance as the packaging material. After wrapping the goods, it is quickly put into a heating device and heated to a certain temperature. The packaging film shrinks by itself in a certain proportion and tightly wraps the packaged goods. The heat shrinkable film is generally thin and transparent, so you can directly observe the package. The package has the advantages of convenient transportation, good transparency, good appearance, firm packaging, reducing packaging volume, keeping clean and so on

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