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Food packaging must pursue alternative styles

in recent years, business operators have paid more and more attention to the packaging of products. They are not only improving the internal quality of products, but also paying attention to the research of product packaging. There is a food and beverage factory where the author is located, which produces jujube juice. This kind of beverage has a good taste and is very popular in the local market; However, after the products were sold to the southern market, no one paid attention to them. Why is there such a contrast between the sales of the same product and the same packaging? The author believes that this is not only related to the popularity of the product, but also the lack of characteristics and personality of this kind of product packaging. Mixed with the packaging of other products, it can't attract the attention and attraction of consumers. Without the unique skill of standing out from the crowd, naturally no one cares

the introduction of the important measurement system of product packaging is not only concerned by businesses, but also by consumers. It depends on how operators match this "golden key". In recent years, product packaging is dazzling, especially food packaging. However, some enterprises do not pay attention to developing their own personalized product packaging, but follow the trend. Other people's products have good packaging and sell well in the market. I also changed them. From the inside to the outside, they are similar, but the colors and patterns are different. I remember a few years ago, can packaging was very popular in the market. Almost overnight, from south to north, from east to west, can packaging was everywhere. However, due to the high packaging cost and high automation requirements, except for several large enterprises, other small and medium-sized enterprises have tasted the bitter fruit, but PTMC and its copolymers have good degradability and biocompatibility. In recent years, some beverage enterprises have developed composite packaging, which is popular with consumers. The high-capacity composite paper soft packaging launched by food and beverage enterprises such as Beijing Huiyuan fruit juice, together with other cans, stands out from the crowd with affordable, generous, large capacity and novel packaging, becoming a hot commodity; On the contrary, the sales of all kinds of cans are slow. Another example is that very Cola is packaged in large plastic bottles, which is also popular. The affordable large packaging makes consumers feel novel. It seems that the role of packaging in developing the market and leading consumption cannot be underestimated

so how to make your product packaging stand out from the crowd

the author believes that the first is to pursue your own personality. Each product has its own characteristics and strengths, which is personality. We should develop the packaging of different needs in the market according to our own personality. We need to confirm what kind of products, what kind of consumer market, and what kind of packaging to develop, so as to make ourselves occupy business opportunities. For example, a distillery in Sichuan produced a kind of sorghum wine, which was not sold well in some places in Gansu Province with small packaging a few years ago. Later, they used 5-10 Jin large glass bottles and plastic barrels for packaging, and the market came back to life. Readers will understand why

second, more than one product. In recent years, the product structure of food enterprises has become faster and faster, and there are more and more varieties. Consumers have different tastes. When developing a gift bag with multiple packages of one product in time, the product will also sell well. A pickle factory in Hebei packed more than a dozen kinds of pickle products together with big gift bags, so that consumers could taste their favorite taste. This package sells very well in the market as a gift

third, develop product packaging with different styles. At present, there seems to be a practice in some food enterprises, that is, products with one taste are often packaged in one kind and then sold in the market. In fact, with the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetics, everyone has different views on packaging, that is, love and hate, which determines the market. Domestically, China has a vast territory, many nationalities, different regional customs, and different regions have different preferences for packaging. From the perspective of the international market, this preference for product packaging has so far been more exclusive and exclusive. Therefore, it is a mistake to fix the packaging of products with one taste in one mode. Instead, we should develop different packaging products according to different situations at home and abroad, so that everyone can find their favorite product packaging

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