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Food packaging pollution should not be ignored《 × The funny essay of "a happy life for people" has become popular recently. This so-called "happy life" with Sudan red, malachite green, carcinogenic toothpaste, premature milk, formaldehyde beer and other hot spots in series throughout the article makes many people cry and laugh. However, the social problems revealed by this black humor have to be worrying

the old saying teaches us that "illness comes from the mouth". Indeed, food safety has become the focus of attention of the whole society at present. From the policy operation of government management departments to the spontaneous consciousness of manufacturers and sellers, coupled with the supervision and reminder of media personnel and the improvement of people's vigilance, inferior food is increasingly being excavated and there is no place to hide. However, in the sound of catching fake and inferior food up and down, the safety of food packaging, another indirect import, seems to be less important

in fact, this is not the case. At present, more than 90% of food packaging in China can not avoid containing benzene. This toxic element will appear in ink diluents and adhesives. If the production enterprises do not leave enough time for the installation of universal experimental machine fixtures, such as light metal materials, composite materials, etc., will be more and more used in modern cars, so that benzene volatilizes in the packaging production process, benzene will continue to remain in the finished products. In recent years, the passing rate of random inspection of packaging bags across China is generally low, hovering between 50% and 60%. We should know that excessive benzene is easy to cause diseases such as cancer, especially blood system diseases, such as hemolytic anemia, aplastic anemia and leukemia

some individual and private small factories scattered all over the country are the culprit in the production of food packaging with benzene exceeding the standard. These small bosses are not unaware of the harm of benzene to human body. However, a formal equipment can only be configured for millions or even tens of millions of yuan. Most people do not have the ability to install these equipment, so illegal small workshops have been launched again and again, and the huge profits brought by poor quality packaging have made these producers and operators forget public morality. To kill this trend, ordinary people cannot only rely on the conscience of these operators. However, in the face of food packaging safety, domestic quality inspection institutions at all levels began to conduct spot checks on the inspection and operation of regular materials based on the 1992 health quality standard, which only limited some physical and chemical indicators and health indicators of food packaging bags. Although the state once issued a national standard on plastic composite packaging film in 1998, it is only recommended and does not require enterprises to meet it. Until now, this compulsory national standard related to people's daily life is still in the drafting stage and has not been issued

food packaging safety is also closely related to people's lives. We should not relax supervision just because the problem has not been exposed. The same is true for other issues in other industries. It's like a problem that needs to be solved, but why not directly plug the root cause of the possible problem? Of course, at the same time, to a certain extent, this requires more energy, and still requires the cooperation of the government, industry and society, so as not to make any false contributions

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