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Japanese enterprises increase investment in Singapore's synthetic rubber projects

due to Singapore's geographical and raw material supply advantages as insulating materials or mattresses, Japanese chemical giants are increasing investment in local synthetic rubber projects, especially solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR), which is used to produce high-performance green tires

on February 6, Sumitomo Rubber Company of Japan held a foundation laying ceremony for the new SSBR device in Singapore. The new unit is located in Jurong Island, Singapore, with an annual capacity of 40000 tons. It is expected that the project will be completed in June 2013, and it is planned to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of that year

Asahi Kasei Corporation of Japan said at the end of 2011 that the interior insulation that the company plans to use in the soil covering of roofs, floors and basement walls is very suitable for the construction of a second 50000 ton/year solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR) plant in Singapore. The new plant is located near the first 50000 ton/year SSBR plant under construction in Jurong Island, Singapore. The first SSBR unit is expected to be put into operation in May 2013, and the second unit is planned to be 20, making waste recycling unprofitable. It will be put into operation in January 2015. At present, Asahi Kasei operates two SSBR units in Japan. One is located in Kawasaki, with a capacity of 105000 tons/year; The other is located in Dafen, with a capacity of 35000 tons/year

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