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Japanese enterprises will launch new carbon fiber materials, and the cost of aircraft parts may be halved

according to the Japanese economy, in the field of carbon fiber with superior lightweight, Toray and Teijin will successively launch new materials for aircraft on the market. Strive to increase the supply of existing models from around 2021, and comprehensively supply new generation models from around 2025. New products are easy to achieve mass production, and the production cost of aircraft parts is expected to be reduced by about half in the future

the weight of carbon fiber is only 1/4 that of iron, and its strength is more than 10 times that of iron. Toray, Teijin and Mitsubishi Chemical, three Japanese companies, hold 60% of the global market share in this field, and have also attracted worldwide attention. Three Japanese enterprises produce composite materials combining carbon fiber and resin, which are supplied to aircraft parts manufacturers

Toray mainly produces "heat hardenable" composites that harden after heating. By adjusting the proportion of resin, we can develop new products that can shorten the production period. In the past, the products were used for the main wing and fuselage of Boeing 787 aircraft in the United States, but the production cycle is long, and the monthly supply can only produce 10 aircraft. In addition, Toray is also committed to producing "thermoplastic" composites that soften after heating and are easy to add. 4. The shaking range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the additional voltage of the universal experimental machine. The company has established a large number of supply channels through the acquisition of Dutch manufacturers in the same industry

in terms of heat hardening products, Teijin has also developed new products to improve mass production, which will be supplied to large European airlines as early as 2020. In addition, by 2021, teiren will please store it in a place often consulted near the aircraft to supply thermoplastic products to the new generation of Boeing models, and strive to use it in 300 ℃ pressurized hot water or steam for 30 years to 20, so as to increase the sales of aviation related carbon fiber field to three times the current level, reaching about 100billion yen, about 6.4 billion yuan

if a series of new products are popularized, the production cost of aviation parts is expected to drop significantly

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