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As part of the market expansion strategy in Asia, Japan's teiren DuPont film company is further expanding its production scale of polyester films in China

Foshan DuPont Hongji Film Co., Ltd., established by Emperor DuPont in Foshan, Guangdong, is now expanding its annual production capacity from 50000 tons to 77000 tons

the company will purchase a new factory locally, which will initially be equipped with two polyester film production lines to produce thicker and thinner film products respectively

the thick film production line will include a production line transported from the factory in Florence, South Carolina, which was permanently closed in February this year. The production line will be mainly used to produce films for photovoltaic backplane, and will be put into production in the second half of 2012

the film production line will be newly purchased, which is mainly used to produce dry film resist and film for flat panel display. It is scheduled to be put into production in 2013

DuPont Film Co., Ltd. is 50% owned by DuPont and Teijin Co., Ltd

Foshan DuPont Hongji film is 51% owned by DuPont Diren film China foaming rate and bridging rate Co., Ltd., and 49% owned by fosu Technology Group Co., Ltd., a film manufacturer in Foshan

in the draft released on October 28, Emperor said that the total investment of the project would be about 78million US dollars

fosu technology announced last month to increase the registered capital of DuPont Hongji, of which fosu technology increased US $15.9 million and DuPont Emperor (China) increased US $16.6 million

fosu technology said in a statement that this expansion will help DuPont Hongji expand its product application fields, improve its competitiveness and market responsiveness, and also help improve its profitability

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