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Packaging strategies for products with local characteristics

China has a vast territory and many nationalities. There are many kinds of products with local characteristics, but few are really "household names". The most fundamental reason is the lack of packaging and publicity of local products

the local characteristics of the product, in a shallow sense - that is, the product has the advantages and characteristics of origin. For example, the raw materials of its products are mainly from the local area. For example, some products have a long production history in the local area, and some products have strong local customs. While these products are "local" in common; It also gives buyers a potential sense of credibility that "people are relatives of their hometown and goods are good locally". Therefore, this is both a feature and an advantage for this product

for enterprises that produce products with local characteristics, although they have superior "congenital conditions"; However, due to the lack of self boasting spirit of "Wang Po selling melons", the sales of products are limited to local or surrounding areas; The production and sales of products cannot be scaled up and upgraded. Therefore, only through extensive and multi-level publicity of products; Only in this way can the sales of products step out of regional restrictions and move towards the broadest market. Of course, the "publicity" mentioned above is multifaceted; However, the most important and most effective way to solve the problem is to carry out "packaging strategy" for products with local characteristics

implement the packaging strategy for products with local characteristics; It mainly plays an important role in the following aspects:

first, in order to reflect the local characteristics of the product, its packaging is different from other products under the principle of "tailored"; Establish the external image of the product. More importantly, it is to prevent interference from counterfeit products

second, protect the use value of products. The function of packaging is to protect the integrity of products in the circulation process, clean and sanitary, and the use value from damage. So as to ensure that local products can still maintain their original appearance and functions and characteristics from the place of origin to the place of sale

third, beautify commodities and increase added value. Through the packaging of products with local characteristics, we can make them more distinctive and attractive. For example, the "Xuanlian" produced in Wuyi, Zhejiang Province, is packaged in green boxes with the words "Xuanlian" unique to Xuanping, he Township, printed on the boxes. Scattered lotus leaves, dotted with pink lotus flowers; It not only reflects the characteristics of he Township, but also makes buyers feel fragrant and pleasant. In particular, the packaging box is provided with a fan-shaped opening sealed with a transparent film; Let consumers not only feel novel, but also clearly see the "items" inside. Such packaging can better guide consumers to buy and use goods while beautifying goods

fourth, promote product sales. This is also the ultimate goal of product packaging. Exquisite and unique packaging not only improves the quality and value of products, but also increases the attractiveness of products to consumers. Thus promoting the sale of goods. No wonder some people call product packaging a "silent salesman"

since products with local characteristics can play such an important role through packaging, how to choose the packaging strategy of products; It is even more important

the design of product packaging should be based on the basic functions and functions of packaging. Different products have different packaging functions and different requirements for packaging design. For example, some packages are mainly for promotion, while others are mainly for protection. For products with local characteristics; The packaging strategy they choose should focus on the promotion function

in order to sell local products; In addition to vigorously promoting the functions and advantages of the product; We also need to use packaging as wedding clothes, and some local products have good internal quality; But he did not pay attention to the external image publicity, thinking that "the emperor's daughter is not worried about getting married"; There is an idea of complacency. This has greatly reduced the market share of products, which is also contrary to the development of modern market economy in China. Therefore, for products with local characteristics, "packaging" is its guide out of the "home"; Therefore, when packaging local products, we should always reflect the "locality" of products. As the saying goes, "one side of the soil and water nourishes one side of the people". How to make this "water and soil" support more people and let more people know this "water and soil". I think this problem can be better solved by embodying the "locality" in the packaging of products

to reflect the locality of the product, I think one of them can be directly reflected in the form of words on the package, so that buyers can know the origin of the goods at a glance. Now some manufacturing enterprises just give their products a local name. Tell consumers directly where this product comes from. For example, "Guilin chili sauce", the "Xuanlian" lotus seeds produced in Wuyi, Zhejiang Province, of which "Xuan" is Xuanping town in Wuyi. There are also "Xiangquan" wine produced in Hunan. These products are all local characteristics, and their names are also very "authentic"

secondly, the "locality" of products can be reflected through the trademark of goods. For example, the trademark of the "Beijing brand" jeep in Beijing is composed of the word "North", and the trademark of the "Temple of heaven" series of food is simplified from the figure of the temple of heaven in Beijing scenic spot. There is also the trademark of Shaoxing flower carving wine, which is changed from the font of "Shaoxing". These products all embody the characteristics of "local products" in their trademarks

reflect the "locality" of the product on the packaging, in order to indicate the origin of the product and how to attract consumers. Next, I want to talk about this aspect with some examples in reality

for products with local characteristics, most of them are limited to the surrounding areas. In order to make the products "go out", it is also necessary for those who want to buy them to "buy" by themselves. Because nowadays, tourism has become a major emerging industry, and local characteristic products are the first choice for the development of tourism commodities. Therefore, when designing product packaging, more consideration should be given to the convenience of tourists to carry and use. Portable can be divided into: "portable", "strap", "small", "combined" and so on. Among them, "small package" packaging should be the mainstream of development, and the market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded. For example, "Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar", a package similar to oral liquid launched in recent years, has 12 sticks in a box, which is easy to carry and use. Especially suitable for families who seldom cook. There is also mineral water in 500ml; Wuyi "Xuanlian" is also basically packed in 500g, which is designed to facilitate the carrying and use of buyers

"portable" packaging has brought convenience to buyers, so how to make consumers more intuitive and more assured to buy products with local characteristics? "Transparent" packaging can be used on the packaging. Transparent packaging, the outer packaging is transparent and visible. Through the outer packaging, you can see the category, color, quantity, quality, etc. of the goods inside. This kind of packaging is widely used in food packaging. There are also "Laoye dried tofu" and "Zhenglin melon seeds" which are all packaged in transparent packaging. To a certain extent, this kind of packaging can make buyers feel "at ease in buying and eating". Moreover, the products with local characteristics adopt transparent packaging, which not only allows buyers to see the "characteristics" of the products, but also attracts buyers' attention in an intuitive way

transparent packaging gives buyers a "sense of trust", and another kind of packaging will give buyers a "sense of benefit" when their output reaches 13.07 billion yuan. This is the "reuse" packaging. When the items in the package are used up, the exquisite outer package can be reused. Such as tape packaging, cup packaging, box packaging, bottle packaging, barrel packaging, etc. In some ethnic minority areas such as Guangxi and Yunnan, their unique national costumes and almost primitive woven bags have been used in packaging. For tourists, these woven bags have bought back both local specialties and souvenirs; It's really killing many birds with one stone. There is also "Beijing preserved fruit", which is packed in small bamboo baskets, flat and round; After eating preserved fruits, the bamboo basket can also be used to hold other items or as an ornament in the home. Another example is the "Xiangquan" wine produced in Hunan. Its distinctive packaging really makes people feel refreshing. As a wine packaging, it is a small bottle made of brown purple clay; The mouth of the bottle is wide, the neck is small, and the bottom is wide, and the shape is like a cone. When I saw it, I thought it was a newly unearthed cultural relic. On its thin neck, it is also tied with a small red silk. After seeing its antique packaging, people will feel the origin of the wine production history. No wonder some buyers said frankly, "when I buy Xiangquan wine, I not only taste it, but also appreciate its unique packaging. Its empty bottle is also a good decoration." This sentence can well represent the psychological characteristics of some buyers. To be exact, it is consumers' approval for the successful packaging of Xiangquan liquor

reusable packaging makes buyers have a tangible feeling if they need to record the load deformation curve. But there is also a kind of packaging that invisibly touches people's family and friendship. Make people with 2 Press the mixing switch to buy this product with special significance in a mood of "seeking beauty and truth"; This kind of packaging has strong artistic appeal when used in some local characteristic products, and this kind of packaging can be called "cultural packaging". For example, the packaging of "Confucius family wine" is antique and has a strong cultural atmosphere. Cultural packaging requires packaging design to highlight cultural connotation, use cultural factors to organically combine product characteristics with consumer positioning, and meet the dual requirements of consumer cultural needs and product needs. For example, the pattern design of "Southern black sesame paste" produced in Guangxi reflects a kinship and has become the preferred gift when visiting relatives and friends, teachers and elders. Another example is Nuo Gong Nuo Niang wine developed and produced by Hunan Jishou Nuo distillery, which uses cultural packaging in the design of wine bottles. The enterprise takes the mask image of Nuo opera as the basis of wine bottle modeling, with ingenious conception and rich connotation, shaping a very tempting cultural mystery, and fully displaying the unique charm of China's national culture. The reason why the wine was loved by the majority of consumers as soon as it was launched was that its packaging design played a considerable role. Therefore, "cultural" packaging should also be a new direction that should be paid attention to in the packaging design of products with local characteristics

the four packaging strategies for products with local characteristics I mentioned above all strive to reflect the "locality" and "characteristics" of products, while emphasizing that the packaging design should also integrate the new concept of modern shopping. The design of packaging should be diversified to suit the choice of different people; Instead of deliberately dull and vulgar imitation. But how to choose the packaging strategy of local characteristic products is also a topic that we should discuss together: it is worth exploring forever

in my opinion, when implementing the packaging strategy for products with local characteristics, we should pay attention to the consistency and authenticity of external packaging and internal products, which is not only the prerequisite for implementing the packaging strategy, but also the only basis for testing whether the packaging strategy is successful

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