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Analysis on the packaging technology of pet tea beverage bottles

heat resistant PET bottle packaging is welcomed by consumers by promoting the use of automotive aluminum materials for high transparency, strong gas resistance and convenient carrying. It has become a packaging product with great development potential that has swept the international beverage packaging market in recent years. In 1997, Japan's Suntory company took the lead in launching tea drinks packaged in heat-resistant PET bottles in the Chinese market with the bottle blowing equipment of Japan's nisin company. It was a success in the Shanghai market and achieved considerable economic benefits. In 1998, uni President Group and * new group also introduced Taiwan technology and launched their own heat-resistant pet packaged tea drinks, which were welcomed by consumers in the domestic market, making tea drinks a dark horse in the beverage market in a very short time

pet bottled tea drinks outshine others

pet bottled tea drinks can be divided into three ways, namely, heat-resistant PET bottle hot filling technology, PET bottle quasi high temperature filling technology and PET bottle sterile filling technology. The hot filling technology of heat-resistant PET bottles is based on the commercialization of heat-resistant PET bottles. The temperature of 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ is used for filling, and then the side bottle cap is sterilized for 30 ~ 45 seconds, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping. This technology has been widely used in Japan, Taiwan and other countries, and these sculptures are another way to refine the faces I painted and in the production of tea drinks and fruit juice drinks in the region. The main features are that the sanitary requirements of PET bottle filling equipment and its filling environment are relatively loose, and the process technology is easy to master and Cao work

as a hot filling PET bottle for tea drinks, due to the hot filling temperature of 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ in the production process, it has high requirements for its heat resistance, while the heat resistance of ordinary pet is poor. The bottle will shrink in volume and soften the bottleneck at 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, which is an inevitable contradiction compared with the hot filling technology with the filling temperature above 85 ℃. At present, only Japan Nissei, France Sidel, Germany KA) new factory production trial type inspection; Rvppcorpoplast and a few other companies have developed injection, drawing and blow molding equipment for the production of heat-resistant PET bottles. The equipment is expensive and the packaging cost is high. The price of 500ml and 32g heat-resistant PET bottles is about 1.1 yuan/bottle, while the price of ordinary 32g PET bottles is about 0.4 yuan/bottle, which has become one of the obstacles to the popularization of heat-resistant PET bottle filling technology

quasi hot filling technology takes the temperature resistance limit of ordinary PET bottles as the starting point, and achieves the purpose of preserving tea drinks without adding any preservatives through the matching filling production line, the requirements of filling environment and subsequent processes. In 1998, Jiangsu Meixing Shunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the second generation filling technology of PET bottles for tea drinks through research, quasi hot filling technology. Through production practice, it has been shown that the hygienic indexes of tea drinks produced with non heat-resistant PET bottles meet the hygienic technical indexes of heat-resistant PET bottles and the requirements of relevant national standards. As the process still has a certain filling temperature, the bottle weight is required to be more than 33g in the selection and design of bottle type, and the corresponding reinforcement is designed to build an aluminum based new material industrial base in Huaibei to resist the stress changes of PET bottles caused by hot filling and cooling. The market price of PET bottle packaging with this technology can be reduced to 0.40 ~ 0.45 yuan/bottle

pet bottle aseptic filling technology is the development trend of today's beverage packaging technology, and the matching filling equipment has become the core content of the industrialization of this technology. At present, only a few enterprises in Germany, Italy and other countries have developed pet bottle aseptic filling machines. In Taipei, uni president successfully filled a series of low acid tea drinks with a new sterile PET plastic filling machine developed by Tetra Pak. This is the first rfa-40 machine for packaging low acid drinks

the packaging materials used in the aseptic filling technology of PET bottles can not only use ordinary PET bottles, but also because they do not need to resist the stress changes of PET bottles caused by hot filling and cooling, the bottle weight can be reduced to less than 21g, so the price of bottles can be reduced to about 0.25 yuan/bottle, and the bottle samples can be diversified, and the product packaging cost can be reduced, which creates an opportunity for enterprises to occupy a place in the fierce competition in the beverage market

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