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The packaging strategy of Baijiu

the packaging of Baijiu is to meet the direct communication between Baijiu products and consumers in the hotel channel. In order to achieve effective communication with consumers in hotel channels, Baijiu brands have evolved into a competition for comprehensive hotel packaging. This kind of packaging is close to media packaging. The main forms are as follows: lanterns create an atmosphere. In the Baijiu industry, there is a special carrier lantern. All hotel channel products will pay great attention to the role of lanterns. The use of lanterns includes media use and non media use

the so-called media use is to hang lanterns all over the streets to create a festive atmosphere in the whole city. Generally, this means is used more in county-level markets and many large city markets, and it is often used in the launch of new products with high transmission accuracy. The other is non-media use, which means that lanterns are hung at the hotel terminal for a long time for informational publicity. Sign creation focus. Some small-scale hotel terminals will allow some Baijiu brands to make signs for themselves. Because Baijiu enterprises generally choose materials with better quality to make signs for hotels, hotel enterprises can also save a sum of money. However, with the increasing competition of other consumer goods for terminals, even if Baijiu enterprises are willing to spend money, many hotels will not easily give the signboard to liquor enterprises, but generally take the form of charging to complete the signboard production like bidding

banners spread information

because the hotel channel has the attribute of one-to-one marketing, many Baijiu enterprises choose to spread product information through banners. In general, in a city with a population of hundreds of thousands, only 70% - 80% of the banner advertising revenue is contributed by Baijiu enterprises. Light box has become a new favorite

outdoor advertisements of many famous Baijiu brands are overwhelming. Light boxes have also become an important means of communication between Hotel Channel products and consumers. Light boxes near hotel terminals in many small and medium-sized cities have become important coverage media for liquor enterprises. The liquor Baijiu enterprises designated by the government group are very smart. Through the analysis of their target groups, they know that at least 60%-70%% of their products are consumed by local officials, so becoming the designated liquor for government work has become the first target for many Baijiu enterprises to enter the hotel channel. Some Baijiu enterprises even launched intensive public relations with the government reception department

for Hotel Channel products, the means adopted by Chinese Baijiu has been highly homogeneous, and this market means has greatly reduced its appeal to consumers. In fact, the strategy adopted by foreign brands in making Hotel Channel products will certainly become the direction of the efforts to vivid Hotel Channel products and communication strategies in the Chinese Baijiu market. Hotel Channel products are highly consistent with consumers' identity, and products are the symbol of consumers' identity

Chinese Baijiu Hotel Channel products should strengthen the research on segmenting consumer groups and launch Hotel Channel products that are truly suitable for consumer identity and atmosphere

the packaging level of Chinese Baijiu can never be said to have been carefully studied. Except for a few brands, the vast majority of brands are in the state of imitation and plagiarism. Many Chinese planners are also more impetuous than thinking. Therefore, the automatic speaking ability of Chinese Baijiu Hotel Channel products is limited. The activities are deeply coordinated with the interests of consumers. Foreign brands also do activities in hotels and night venues, but they are more flexible in event planning, making foreign brands' foreign wine more on-site. It reflects the foreign wine companies' deep insight into the psychology of consumers. However, local brands are still using the means of expanding circulation to make Hotel Channel products, which will inevitably lead to the failure of the product vivid strategy. Communication is combined with consumer reading width

the "three board axe" thinking of Chinese Baijiu still comes from the large circulation, but the "three board axe" of foreign liquor brand comes from the creative dissemination of core elements of consumers. Whether it is the choice of media or the use of creative means, foreign wine brands are focusing on the deep feelings of Chinese consumers. Experience and consumer consumption are organically integrated

in many night shows, we found that foreign wine brands attach great importance to the packaging of brands in public places, the process of consumer participation is transparent and stimulating, and the products really move in the venue. However, many Hotel Channel products are pushed passively, such as by the bar, the waiter, the shopping guide, and even the boss. This push process, like the indoctrination education in China, requires a long process. However, the foreign wine brand experience enables consumers to actively participate. The footprint of the small mill is much smaller than that of the traditional mill, and the fun is free. Brand and consumer value are fully consistent. Foreign wine brands are mysterious and attractive to Chinese consumers. Why do they form such a great charm? Brand accumulation and mature brand communication in the Chinese market. What Hotel Channel products need may not be the accumulation of blue light transmission volume of iceblue technology adopted by the brand interior light source, but more the improvement of brand communication quality

for many enterprises engaged in Hotel Channel products, the market process has just begun, and truly understanding consumers is the key to the vitality of our hotel channel products

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