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Packaging standards for tobacco products (6)

II. Packaging decoration and trademark of tobacco products

(I) packaging decoration of tobacco products

packaging decoration of tobacco products refers to the design of reasonable sales packaging shapes, pictures and text descriptions according to the attributes, forms, quantities and sales intentions of tobacco products

the packaging shape of tobacco products should be beautiful, novel, diverse, scientific and reasonable. The design of decoration pictures should be able to highlight the characteristics of goods, and the text description should be closely combined with the decoration pictures, set off and complement each other, so as to achieve the purpose of decoration. The text description mainly includes: trademark, brand name, product name, place of origin, quantity, type, etc. some also point out the Monopoly Authority, tar content, nicotine content, cigarette length, filter tip structure symbol content. Cigarettes produced in Hong Kong are also required to indicate on the package: HK gold health warning: cigarette smoking is hazard to your health

the packaging and decoration of tobacco products should also have artistic appeal. We should not only pay attention to the publicity of trademarks, which is conducive to creating famous brands, but also consider the habits of sales areas and consumers' hobbies. Chinese and foreign languages must be accurate and easy to understand

in addition, brands, ribbons, knots and decorative liners also belong to the scope of decoration

with the development of China's tobacco import and export industry, more and more countries and regions will export tobacco products, which requires us to know more about the different hobbies and habits of people in various countries on patterns and colors, and reasonably design the packaging and decoration of products. For example, Islamic countries avoid using pigs and animals similar to pigs as patterns; Japan believes that lotus is unlucky; Elephants and goats are forbidden in Britain; The Czech Republic stipulates that the red triangle is a sign of toxicity; Turkey stipulates that the green triangle is a free sample sign, etc. Countries also have different hobbies and taboos on color. Dark green is taboo in southern France and Belgium, which is considered as the dress color of Nazi soldiers, while Ireland and Belgium like green, and Egypt taboo blue, which is considered as the symbol of demons, etc. Therefore, to help customers achieve a win-win situation, we strive to conform to the hobbies and habits of local people in decoration design and color application

(II) packaging trademark of tobacco products

trademark is a sign used by enterprises to indicate that the words, patterns, colors, etc. produced, processed or operated by them are different from the goods manufactured or sold by others

the packaging trademark of tobacco commodities has the function of indicating the source of products, facilitating publicity and expanding purchase and sales, facilitating foreign trade and facilitating the supervision of commodity quality by the national competent department

1. Trademark registration of tobacco products is the confirmation of trademark rights. The trademark of tobacco products must be applied for registration with the trademark administration department, and the trademark right can be obtained only after the approval and registration. Therefore, registration is the basis for recognizing the exclusive right of a trademark in law

two or more applicants apply for the registration of the same or similar trademarks respectively. There are mainly the following two principles:

(1) the principle of prior use: the trademark right belongs to the applicant who uses it first. The first user of a trademark may at any time raise an objection to the goods registered by others and request cancellation. Because this kind of registration can not play the role of determining rights, so that the trademark registration procedures are in vain. The registered trademark can be encountered at any time. Why is the price of the testing machine different? The possibility of objection and revocation, therefore, most countries do not adopt this practice at present

(2) the principle of prior registration the relevant information of trademark rights will be improved or transferred to the applicant who registered first. Trademark registration is a necessary legal procedure to obtain trademark rights, that is, registration is a necessary condition for the emergence of trademark rights. Unregistered trademarks, even if used first, do not generate any rights. If the first user of a trademark fails to go through the registration procedures in time, and his trademark is preemptively registered by others, he can no longer obtain the trademark right of the trademark. The trademark registration of tobacco products adopts this principle

2. Problems that should be paid attention to in the design of tobacco products trademarks. Generally speaking, the application for registration of tobacco trademarks can be registered as long as it meets the legal provisions. However, some signs cannot be used as trademarks. These prohibited signs mainly include the following:

1) national or foreign flags, national emblems, military flags, medals and other official signs, names or graphics

2) the same or similar flags, badges, names or abbreviations as intergovernmental and international organizations

step 3: after installation, 3) use others' names, portraits or business names without permission

4) words, graphics and signs that violate public order or morality

5) signs that are the same or similar to the registered trademarks

6) exaggerated propaganda and deceptive words and graphics

7) words and graphics with ethnic discrimination

the trademark registration effect of tobacco products is ten years according to China's trademark law. After the expiration of the validity period, you can apply for extension. The term of renewal is generally equal to the term of validity of the registration. The application for renewal of registration shall be made within six months before the expiration of the period. If no application is made during this period, a six-month grace period may be granted. If no application is made at the expiration of the grace period, the registered trademark shall be cancelled. Each renewal of registration is still valid for ten years, and the number of applications for renewal is unlimited. (to be continued)

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